Quest for the Holy Grail

The Sacred Object

Duration: 13-04-2019 until 04-05- 2019

The Project Gallery presents the group exhibition”Quest for the Holy Grail – The Sacred Object”

Curator: Nikos Giavropoulos –

Art director: Alexandros Maganiotis

The curator Nikos Giavropoulos raises the question: what is the invisible link between Joseph Beuys’s work How to Explain Pictures to a Dead Hare, Michelangelo’s The Creation of Adam in the Cappella Sistina, and the imprint left by Prehistoric man in the cave of Lascaux? He believes it is the ritualistic, mystical act by which individuals try to create a narrative in order to explain the world. By this means, the artist once again assumes his/her original role, that of magician-priest; an intermediary between the mortal and the divine spheres, who creates objects of worship to placate, or mediate with, the world of the gods. The curator invites the artists to present their own ‘Holy Grail’ and offer by means of their work, their personal narrative for interpreting the world.

The exhibition examines and negotiates dual relations between:

· Artist – Magician / Shaman

· Artwork – Sacred Object

· Art – Propaganda

· Sacred – Profane

· Holiness – Bribery

· Vandalism – Superstition

· Icons – mass produced religious objects

· Human Body – Fetish

The resulting exhibition is the coexistence of artworks of different mediums: painting, sculpture, performance, video art, ready-made objects, experiential narratives— the common denominator always being the equivocal relationship between creator and artwork. This conjecture provokes the visitor to personally engage in order to

distinguish the boundary between an object defined as sacred and its baser counterpart.

Participating Artists & artist groups:

Athanasiadis Iason- Zohreh Eslamifard, Alexandridis Giorgos, Boviatsou Lamprini, Bonatsou Ismini, Dimopoulou Valia – Makropoulos Giorgos, Georgakopoulos Dimitris, Giavropoulos Nikos, Griva Elli – Logothetis Fanis, Heard Sally, Inglessi Marion, Kavvatha Antigoni, Karalis Babis, Kardasis Giannis, Kokkini Maria, Lintzeris Yorgos, Maganias Deanna, Maganiotis Alexandros, Maneta Anna, Merantzas Dimitris, Moore Nicholas, Mylonas Eleni, Papadima Artemis, Petranaki Anta, Pontikakis Manos, Poulantza Natassa, Roupinas Aris, Skourtis Angelos, Spanoudaki Annetta, Stavraki Margarita, Stoidis Aris, Tsiara Martha, Vassilopoulos Leonidas, Voskopoulou Angelina, Voussouras Andreas, Zolotakis Apostolos and the collaborative platform viewCAD / Τ.Ε.Ι.-W.M. (Dr Kiratsis P., Dr Efkolidis N., Manavis A. and the students: Minaoglou Prodromos, Plaka Kiriaki, Firtikidis Lazaros, Aufheimer Orestis) -in collaboration with the artists: Kontosfiris Haris F.A.A. U.O.W.M. Naiplis Dimitris.