Unusual Self- Portraits

18/10/19 – 01/12/19

The Project Gallery presents the group exhibition “Unusual Self-Portraits

Curated by Konstantinos Basios

Duration: 18-10-2019 until 1-12-2019

In terms of subject matter, self-portraiture, as a sui generis means of expression in painting, was considered a breakthrough within the context of the visual culture. Historically speaking, this can be explained by the fact that whenever an artist attempts to depict him/her-self, it is an act of autonomy vis-à-vis the prevailing and imposed role and mission: that is to be a mediator, an intermediate, who simply delivers commissions.

Da Vinci and Dürer’s cases are the most characteristic of this kind, at the dawn of western painting, while others (like Rembrandt, El Greco, Goya και Van Gogh) who followed suit offered an additional potential towards the comprehension of their own oeuvre.

For some years now, especially in Greece, there has been an acute polemic against representational art. Notwithstanding this situation, it did not procure obstacles to quite a few artists to carry on and explore forms and expressions in typical and full body portraits.

Given the high rate of self-reference that marks self-portraiture, in conjunction with the passionate trend of ‘selfies’, I estimate that there has been a rather easy and interesting come back of this illustrative tradition, obviously according to the terms that the digital technology, the social media networking and the new generation mobiles (smartphones) favours.

At the same time, we can locate one more critical point, culturally speaking: there is an oral ease with which we can identify faces we see around us, an ability that the previous generations presumably lacked, while, in terms of communication, a face, in general, constitutes a point of reference that vibes the adjective identity of a human being.  Therefore, how and to what extent this condition can be spilled over, through an art exhibition, is the undercurrent question.

This group show on self-portraiture today, titled “Unusual self-portraits” has proved that there are additional issues to take into consideration.

Moreover, the employed techniques, media and materials as well as the applied conceptual contents suggest that more theorization is possible.

Above all, you can see the review of an old choice of expression, under the light of an intense period of time.

Konstantinos Basios

an A.I.C.A. member

Participating Artists:

Christos Alatsakis, Artemis Alcalay,
Lamprini Boviatsou, Dimosthenis Bogiatzis,
Manolis Bitsakis, Ismini Bonatsou,
Elsa Charalambous, Dimitris Georgakopoulos,
Nikos Giavropoulos, Elli Griva,
Laura Dodson, Babis Karalis,
Michalis Kioysis, Dimitra Kousteridou,
Nikos Lagos, Georgia Lale, Loula Levendi,
Aggeliki Loi, Alexandros Maganiotis,
Vivi Papadimitriou, Dionyssios Pappas,
Achilleas Papacostas,Manolis Pontikakis,
Bessy Ralli, Sophia Skaroyianni,
Maria Spyraki, Lia Stamopoulou,
Dimitris Tataris, Vasiliki Tzouti,
Costis (Triandaphyllou), Antonis Vathis

Καλλιτεχνικός υπεύθυνος: Alexandros Maganiotis